Crush Inflammation to Crush Pain


Starting September 16, 2019!

If I only knew then…

When I was just starting out on my pain journey, I had NO idea what chronic inflammation was, what it meant for my pain, and how to tame it. I just knew I wanted out of pain and FAST! I thought the way out of pain was a secret held by those in white lab coats. But I didn’t like the solutions they offered.

I didn’t realize the power I had to learn how to manage my pain so I could reclaim my life.

Over time I learned more and more about the control I had in the situation. It might seem unbelievable to you now, but you DO have control. One of the ways you can exercise that control is to learn how to lower your inflammation and reduce your pain.


Did you know?

  • Chronic inflammation is a root cause of musculoskeletal pain?

  • Chronic inflammation is at the root of all disease?

  • Lowering chronic inflammation lowers your overall pain?

  • Lowering chronic inflammation lowers your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, and a host of other chronic diseases?

It’s time to lower your inflammation and lower your pain!

It’s time for you to take back control.

What you’ll learn

In this program you will learn how to lower your inflammation, reduce your pain, and start taking control by learning:

  • about inflammation and it’s role in pain

  • the role diet plays in squashing the flames of inflammation in your body

  • how gut health is a vital piece of the puzzle

  • how to use supplements to your benefit

  • how stress management directly impacts your pain

  • how to optimize your sleep to reduce inflammation

  • about the mind/body connection and how to use it to influence your health

  • how to effectively exercise to lower inflammation

  • the impact of reducing environmental toxins

What that means for you

At the end of this 3-month program, you’ll have a better understanding of your pain and know, without a doubt, that you CAN manage your pain so you can reclaim your life. You will feel empowered, supported, and hopeful. And, the best part? You’ll have lowered your inflammation and reduced your pain! How exciting is that?

Why you should enroll NOW!

Are you a person of action? Or have you been waiting on the sidelines hoping someone comes along with the answer? Either way, the fact that you’re here and reading this is a sign that the time is NOW. No more excuses. This is it. This is the next step. It’s time to prioritize yourself and learn the tools necessary to reclaim your life, your health, your happiness, and your body. LET’S GO!

And imagine, all of this for a low introductory price of $150!
(Normally priced at $399)