Learn the Lesson & Move On

Have you ever noticed how certain things keep cropping up in your life? How certain experiences seem thematic? How certain characteristics keep presenting themselves in the people you engage with? Has it occurred to you that perhaps God/Goddess/Universe/Source/The Head Honcho/etc. is trying to teach you something? (Did you know I never spell the word ‘occur’ or ‘occurred’ correctly the first time?)

And has is occurred to you that God/Goddess/Universe/Source/The Head Honcho/etc. is going to keep giving you opportunity upon opportunity to learn the lesson until you’ve finally learned it?

For example, we all know those people who always say, “Why does this keep happening to me?” Welp, person, whatever’s plaguing you will continue until you learn the lesson and apply the things you’ve learned to show you can make better choices. Then, and only then, will you be able to move on. And by moving on I mean you’ll move onto other lessons because that’s how life works. The quicker you’re able to a learn the lesson, the quicker you’ll move to the next lesson and the faster you’ll grow as a human being.

I came to really understand this concept about four years ago when a foot injury cropped up.

I’d been doing CrossFit a few times a week and dancing three to four nights a week. I was in great shape and enjoying both activities and the ways they seemed to be enriching my life. But I was in more pain than I’d ever been in before. It was all just too much for my body. I had a sneaking suspicion that I needed to lay off a bit, but I really didn’t want to. I didn’t want to gain back weight lost or miss out on time with the community I was creating within these activities. Still, I was constantly nagged by the feeling I should slow down.

And then boom! Foot injury. An injury that made CrossFit and dancing out of the question. It’s like God/Goddess/Universe/Source/The Head Honcho/etc. shook it’s head (if it has a head) and said, “Listen you bozo, if you can’t take EVERY signal I’ve sent and make the right decision, I’ll take the ability to make a decision right out of your hands.”

This experience further engrained the knowledge that pain is a catalyst for growth. But only if you stop to learn the lesson. Now, any indication of pain, I try to stop and figure out what it’s trying to teach me. Sometimes I don’t like the lessons and sometimes I do. Either way, learning the lessons always enhances and brings value to my life.

So, what do you keep encountering in your life over and over and over again that you need to reassess and learn from so you can move on and learn something new? Because, honey, God/Goddess/Universe/Source/The Head Honcho/etc. is just going to keep giving you the same opportunity to learn over and over and over again until you finally take the hint.

Annie Svensen