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My passion for helping people with their health and wellness started in my early teens while undergoing physical therapy for some sports injuries.

Over the years my path has morphed from wanting to be a physical therapist and studying kinesiology to becoming a massage therapist to becoming a chronic pain sufferer to becoming a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. It’s been a twisty, winding path - a path that brings me to a place where my passion is thriving by helping women learn to manage their own chronic pain so they can take back their lives while improving their health and wellness.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I suffered with constant daily pain for five solid years. I was told my only options were opiates or to just learn how to deal with the suffering. I was told it would never get better but that it would only get worse. I felt like an island in a sea of people who had no idea what it meant to wake up in pain, spend an entire day in pain, and go to bed in pain just to do it all over again the next day with no end in sight. And I wallowed in self pity and despair, mourning the loss of the life and future I thought I was supposed to have in a pain-free body.

But I never gave up hope that it could and would be better. I worked my butt off to stand my ground and be my own best advocate. I said no to the pain meds and found alternative ways to manage my pain. And then I overcame it.

I still have my days and my flare ups, but I now know exactly what to do to manage my pain and keep the flare ups minimal and short. And I want to help you find that for yourself as well.

Are you a chronic pain suffer who’s ready to take control and learn how to manage your pain rather than it managing you? Schedule your complimentary consultation now.

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If you decide to read my blog, I promise not to be a self-serving whiner (I hate that). What I will be is honest and vulnerable in hopes that my journey and my passion for helping others can be of service to someone else. I will also share tips, tricks, tools, and products that have been helpful to me and my clients.