7 Days to Less Pain Challenge

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I was surprised by how guilty I felt about taking time for myself and self-care. After the 7 days and starting to make it more of a habit, I realized how much better my day went and how much more patient I was and able to take care of my family.
— Nicki B.

Next challenge starts: September 7th

Did you know that self-care plays a major role in pain management?

When I was learning how to manage my pain so I could reclaim my life, the one puzzle piece I ignored for far too long was self-care. I don’t want that for you!

I went on week-after-week month-after-month convincing myself that I was fine, could handle the pressure (and pain), and that stopping would only slow me down. Boy, was I wrong. What I learned was that the more I “toughened up” and sacrificed myself for my family or my career, the more unmanageable the pain seemed to be. Regardless, I stayed in that cycle of denial for way to long!

Once I finally did get out, the pain became something I could manage and control and I felt hope for the first time in a long time. I felt empowered that I could actually live a life that was about more than getting by. Which then allowed me to start the process of transforming my pain all together.

I want you to stop wasting time & learn the power of self-care for pain management NOW!

Yes, I know self-care is a serious buzz word right now, which makes it easy to pass off as a fad. But did you know that self-care:

Allows you to give more.

Caring for yourself fills up your own cup such that it overflows on others, meaning you’ll actually be able to care for others more effectively.

Increases your energy.

Nurturing yourself means you’ll have more energy and positivity, making tackling your pain management easier.

Reduces stress.

Reducing stress reduces inflammation. Reducing inflammation reduces pain.

What others are saying:

“This was great! Even though the 7 days have passed, I’m keeping up with my self-care. Thanks for reminding me that I’m important and that taking me time is not something to feel guilty about.”

Melinda H.

“Annie, thank you for putting all the pieces together so perfectly for this challenge! I will definitely take my self-care seriously from here on out.”

Lisa S.

“Thank you, Annie! This was just the start I needed to motivate me for self-care for the long haul. I feel it’s unlocked the understanding that I really have the ability to keep up on this, which means I am capable of keeping up on other positive habits as well.”



This challenge is for you if:

  • You’re fed-up with being in pain on a daily (or regular) basis and ready to do something about it

  • You’re not a pro when it comes to self-care, but you’re willing to give it a shot

  • You’re looking for a like-minded community of people for extra accountability and support

What’s included?

  • A daily video lesson by me on self-care and your pain journey

  • Accountability and support from someone who’s been there and is now on the other side (me!)

  • A private Facebook group where you can connect with me and other like-minded people

  • A detailed workbook to help you learn how to make self-care a ritual in your life

    All of this great content for $10!

I have a lot of respect for your self-care techniques, as you have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to essentially ‘suffer in silence’ as you navigate through life with chronic pain.
— Lisa S.